Ta-Daaa List 2019

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I hope you have had a chance to envision your goals and dreams for the coming year. I hope you know your intentions – your word – your goals – your non-negotiables – your resolutions – whatever you call your plan. I know you are looking forward. Never fear; we’re gonna nail it all!


I also hope you took the chance to reflect on 2019 – what worked – what didn’t – the goals you are carrying forward – the reasons you didn’t reach them yet – the accomplishments you made – the things you asked for that you now have. I know you are looking forward, but look at what you’ve already crushed!

A friend of mind calls that her Ta-Daaa list. She completes that list before she allows herself to make a To Do List. I thought I would join in on the fun, and I hope you will too!

I took a Pivot, literally, on my dreams in 2019. I thought I wanted to retire and run a yoga studio. I stared that dream right in the face and said, “Not so much!” I wanted to niche my skills down to teaching EXACTLY what I want to teach and ONLY what I want to teach. It was a bold move, but I did it. I am doing it and I am loving it! Although I want more, this year I made a dream come true!

Have you wondered how I came up with my new business name? (I have definitely found out it is a mouthful. Don’t believe me? Say it 10 times fast if you can!) Nonetheless, here’s how it happened. A friend and yoga student has a daughter with a business degree and they were discussing my plans. The daughter replied that in her business classes she was taught that the businesses that make it are the ones that know when to pivot. That’s exactly what I had decided to do; I didn’t want to ditch my movement base altogether, I just wanted to narrow my scope. I wanted to focus on athletes that wanted to use movement and breath and meditation to actualize their peak performance. I just wanted to pivot, and when you put that all together, you get Pivot Peak Performance.

I knew that to serve elite athletes I would
have to study and practice and familiarize myself with the demands of these superior humans. A post by one of my favorite women in sports quoted Oprah Winfrey, “Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.” She went on to encourage women wanting to work in sports to squat, deadlift, press – clean, jerk, snatch. There were 10 things she listed in this post, but I decided to focus on the ones I had been avoiding. “You may have to have a higher discipline,” she said. “Is it fair? No. Does it matter? No. Take pride in being part of the wave.” Rachel has recently been hired as the first full-time female hitting coach in the history of the MLB by the New York Yankees organization, so I guess I picked a good one to emulate! You can follow her at @rachel.balkovec on Instagram. She is highly inspirational!

Rachel made that post on August 5. On August 6 I  went and asked the owner of the gym I attend to help me learn power and Olympic lifts. I also went to the strength and conditioning coach of the football team I work with and requested the same. I surrounded myself with friends and family members who didn’t mind answering questions about lifting, and I started. At 52 I started because I want to be the best I can be for the athletes I serve, and if I don’t care enough to teach myself, then who will?

Today I deadlifted 165 pounds, a 40 pound PR. I looked at all the posts in the challenge I completed and nobody, not one other person, pulled less than 200 pounds except me. I pulled anyway. I pulled because what comes naturally to me may not come naturally for you. I may ask you to get uncomfortable when I’m working with you, and I expect you to oblige. How can I have these expectation of you if I am not willing to do the same?

This year I hired mobility coaches, a web designer, and a business coach. This journey is going to be a long one and I know I need people I trust to encourage me through the valleys when they feel like a march of death.

Perhaps my most amazing accomplishment of 2019 was sending a child off to college and not dying as a result. There was nothing to be sad about as she was maximizing the experience; still, there were plenty of adjustments to be made. It’s funny that in April of this year I was nursing her through a broken heart about not getting into what she thought was the school of her dreams, but in August of this year I was nursing my own broken heart that she was thriving at the actual school of her dreams.

And that brings me full circle to the moral of the story. Remember when you asked for what you have now? I do! Smith does! We are called to speak our dreams into existence. We must be brave, vulnerable, patient, tenacious, studious, driven, and a whole host of other qualities to get where we want to go. Don’t forget, however, to stand at the top and look back down the mountain in order to see how far you’ve come. Allow yourself, would you?

Oh! And then, by all means, pull the goggles down, buckle up, get that list or GPS in hand, and let’s goooooooooo!

Happiest of New Years, Friends!!!!

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