Get Out of Your Own Way

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What do you want? Why don’t you have it? Do you REALLY want it?

What do you want?

Many times, the reason we don’t have what we want is because we have not stopped to identify what IT is. We feel like something is missing in our lives – like we want something more – but we don’t sit with ourselves and analyze those feelings. What do we do instead? We EAT to fill the feeling of lack. We GET BUSY trying to do all the things to get away from the feeling. We LOOK AT OUR PHONES and then say we didn’t have time to work on the problem today.

Sound familiar? I know, because I do all of those things too. But I know better. I know what I really need is to STOP. Take a breathing break. Have a meditative moment. And if that conjures up a stress response for you, take 3 minutes to watch this explanation that has really helped me with my response to meditation. Meditation is a game-changer and something everyone can use to get clear about what he/she wants in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Why don’t you have it?

Once you know what IT is, then you can figure out why you don’t already have it. Are you doing the things I mentioned above that are taking you further away from your goal? That doesn’t make any sense, does it? STOP moving away from your goals and start moving TOWARDS them.

One goal people share with me all the time is weight loss. I, myself, am a post-menopausal woman who spent years struggling with my eating habits. If I am honest, I still do. Lucky for me, I found what works for me. When I venture too far away from what works for me – AND I DO – I know what to do to get back on track. In fact, I am in that state right now. I ventured off track with Spring Break, birthday, Easter, etc. and put on a few pounds. I am not panicking like I used to. Right now I am just focusing on what I know is true; and because of that, I KNOW I will get back to my set weight soon.

Do you want to have that confidence? Memorial Day is the start of the 7C Challenge. More on that later, but I am doing it again and would be happy to be your accountability partner.

Maybe weight loss isn’t your focus. Maybe there are relationship, financial, or spiritual goals that you believe would make you happier. Ask yourself what you are doing about it. Again, sit with the question. Figure out what is IN your life that is taking you away from what IS NOT in your life and make a commitment to make the change.

Set a date.

Write it down.

Tell someone else.


Get started.

Do you REALLY want it?


The key word is REALLY! Do you REALLY want it? Do you want it bad enough to do the work it takes to make it happen?

Do you want it more than you want the donut?

You are going to run into a donut! (or something that sabotages your goal no matter what it is.) Plan on that. And know what you are going to do about it. Have a reward in mind that you get to have if you bypass the saboteur. Actively plan for what will get in your way in the short-term.

And set up some rewards for meeting long-term goals. A new pair of yoga pants was my goal last summer for making it a month without cheating on the 7C’s. I did not make the scale the goal because too many things cause that to be a fluctuating marker. But I trusted that if I stayed with my program, the weight would come off consistently. So the reward I gave myself was for sticking with my plan.

What would a long-term goal look like for you? What would be a reasonable reward for meeting it?

If you REALLY want something, you find that the work it takes to get there is NO problem. In fact, you find that the work it takes to get there is actually filling the space where you felt something was missing, just a little at a time.

You know that old saying, “Enjoy the journey”?  I think there must be something about that!!!!

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