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Specialties: Functional Range Conditioning  mobility specialist (FRCms), Mobility for Teams, Sport specific yoga instruction

Certifications: FRCms, E-RYT, Rocket Yoga, Yoga Alliance

Shauna has 30 years of experience in education. Most of her years were spent in physical education with the last 8 in yoga and mobility instruction. Whether an aspiring or professional athlete, Shauna will help you perform at your peak!

About Functional Range Conditioning™

why i choose frc®


A fundamental of the Functional Range Conditioning™ system is to start each session by assessing movement using CARs (controlled articular rotations). CARs help me identify inadequate movements and target my instruction to the needs identified. Players begin to recognize these compensation patterns as well and make subsequent changes to perform at their peak and injury free.

The basic fundamentals of flexion and extension of the body offer superior range of motion when properly utilized. Using the principals of FRC® such as PAILS/RAILS, concentric and eccentric contractions, end-range liftoffs and more, athletes are able to gain strength at their end-ranges. Players with greater active ROM have a distinct advantage due to superior body control.

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why atheletes & coaches love FRC®

Mobility development

Enables athletes to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

joint strength

FRC® bullet-proofs your joints so that movement can be executed safely.

body control

FRC® improves the function of your nervous system, which leads to joint health and longevity, and an increased ability to move freely and easily while avoiding injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are CARs?

The definition of controlled articular rotations directly from Functional Range Conditioning™ – “Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion”. … Each circle must use tension and be controlled allowing for no movement at other joints.

What does PAILs/RAILs stand for?

PAILs and RAILs are the primary tool in the functional range conditioning system used to expand someone’s range of motion. PAILs stands for Progressive Angular Isometric Loading, which are isometric muscle contractions for all the tissues on stretch. RAILs stand for Regressive Angular Isometric Loading.  These are isometric muscle contractions that strengthen the muscles on the closing side of the joint.

* functionalanatomyseminars.com

How often should one participate in a FRC® session?

An FRC® session, if done correctly, is very intense. Irradiation is a process of ramping up tension throughout the body to perform the movement using contraction and control, as if you were moving your arm through mud. Due to the intensity required for the session, I recommend only one class per week with daily CARs and maybe a specific daily drill that addresses a place where one notices compensation. 

When is the ideal time to perform an FRC® session?

It is perfect for an active recovery day or immediately following a heavy lifting day/rotation.

What are the benefits of participating in FRC®?

This system is known for developing mobility, strengthening progressive articular (joint) tissue, and improving neurological function for body awareness and control. Practitioners enjoy joint health, lack of injury, and neuromuscular longevity.

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